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Southwest Speed, Inc.
Southwest Speed, Inc.

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About Southwest Speed Inc.

Southwest Speed Inc. has been manufacturing, warehousing, & distributing a complete line of high quality racing components since 1975. We are focused on the customer. We offer same day shipping until 5:30PM central, Monday-Friday.

At Southwest Speed, we are a true warehouser. As you can see from the pictures of our warehouse below, our shelves are stocked full of parts, so that you can have them when you need them. Tired of putting in an order on Wednesday intending to have the parts to race this weekend, only to have the box arrive & find out that the part that you really needed is backordered? That WON'T happen at Southwest Speed. 98% of the time, we will have the part you need, and, on that rare occasion that we don't, we will tell you immediately.

Many people have never heard of Southwest Speed. Why's that? Because we don't advertise, we don't go to trade shows, & we aren't out telling you how good our parts are. Why aren't we going to do those things? Because, ultimately, the racer has to pay for the ads & the trade shows. Racing is expensive enough without adding those things to the price of the parts. In addition, the quality & performance of our parts have spoken for themselves for over 25 years.

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